Why Do People Love Fresh Content So Much?

Here’s why:

The internet is all about credibility. As you put up more quality articles, you build your credibility and reputation as an expert. As you keep sending out more and more quality articles, you begin to get noticed as the expert.
Everyone accepts that only a ‘Pro’ can constantly produce fresh content. When people see your name everywhere, they assume that you must be good! They sit up and listen to you.
Once your credibility climbs up, ‘Joint venture’ partners will seek you out. They know that your visitors will gladly buy products that you recommend. That means more clicks and more business. The articles you pick up will be working for you 24/7 365 days a year.
As you come up with more ‘current’ content, your visitors will be persuaded that you have a finger firmly on the pulse of your target market.
Being recognized as a world-class master on topics of interest will instantly lead to lucrative businesses seeking you out instead of the other way round. In a word, you would have arrived!

Writing and publishing fresh content help you:

Rank high in search engines so your ‘visibility’ shoots up and more and more people click on your link (attract fresh clients).
Differentiate yourself from the crowd and stand out as the trusted expert (give your clients a reason to come back to you).
Solidify and build ongoing relationships with your existing clients (pamper existing clients so they won’t leave).

How many articles would I have to write?

We’re talking volume here – not just a couple of half-baked essays about topics that have run their course. To make a difference in your income, you have to write many articles – probably 80-100 articles a month. That, I’m sure you’d agree, is not a small task.

But I couldn’t write that many articles to save my life!

Don’t Worry – You Won’t Have To…

I have been running my own (successful) internet business for the last 7 years and for the better part of that time, I had been writing for myself. I know how nerve-wracking and painful writing can be, especially if you had to whip up 100 or more articles every month. You have to come up with new ideas and write interestingly. Believe me: 1,000 words don’t come easy. And what about FAQ’s and Newsletters?

At the end of it, no one can blame you if you feel like you’re working all the time, and getting peanuts for it!

So would someone please tell you where you’re supposed to churn out these enlightened and interesting pieces of fresh content from – at the rate of maybe 100 articles per month?

Of course, you could outsource. You could employ a ghostwriter to do the hard work for you. You could pay the ghostwriter top dollars ($10-$15) for every article and you could go broke trying to finance your fledgling internet business. But that’s not what you want, right?

Have you asked…

How Can I Get Fresh Content Regularly
So I Can Keep My
Search Engine Rankings High?

Luckily, you’ve just discovered a system for generating steady traffic that doesn’t require you to become a writing engine or spend hundreds of dollars funding ghostwriters.

You’ve found a simple solution that you can use to bring in fresh content to your website without having to write a single word! Yes, you heard it right – you won’t have to write a single word, yet you’ll end up with attractive and NEW content, month after exciting month.

Bottom line: A one-time action will get you continuous traffic.

With your article membership,

You Will Receive 200

Private Label Articles

Every Month!

Your monthly PLR Article membership is the perfect solution to your traffic problem. You get fresh content every month – not just 5 or 10 or 50 – but more than 200 quality articles from several different niches every month. And you can send them out in your own name.

But before I go into that, let me first tell you how I discovered this strategy.

I used to outsource about a quarter of my writing requirements and write the rest myself. Those were early days yet, but soon, I was exhausted from non-stop writing. My days stretched well beyond 20 hours every day and writer’s block was my worst nightmare.

That’s when I decided to employ a pool of writers who were willing to write – at a fraction of the cost. These writers are professional writers who produce quality stuff.

Immediately my profits skyrocketed and my workload plummeted. I had more articles than ever before although I worked only for 8 hours now. That’s when I realized that there would be others like me who wanted quality content for a nominal cost.

That’s exactly what I’m offering you – premium content at a token price.

A Complete Set Of…
Premium Quality Articles That Will Drive
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Take advantage of the countless benefits of more than 200 piping hot articles every month. If you don’t want to be left gaping at the behinds of your competitors, take action immediately.

You must be wondering what all this is going to cost you. After all, having them written yourself would cost $2500 – $3750/mo! So, I’m sure you’ll agree that $250 (just 10% of what you’d pay to do it yourself) is quite reasonable.

But I Promise To Give You A Deal…
One You Can’t Refuse!

So here is the deal!

You will not want to pass this up, keep reading, soon you will find out why…

Each month you will receive like clock more than 200 articles (Covering 10 Different Topics) that you can use on any site you have. It could be your wordpress blog, blogger site, squidoo, mini sites, review sites or any other site you have.

Ready to use for all the content you will receive.

Wait, there is more…..

Depending on the membership you choose you will get some awesome bonuses. Tools that will let you start building your content sites in no time.

Look at what each membership offers you and select the one that best fits your needs. Maybe you just need content and not any tools OR you are just starting out and need some tools to help you build your sites the easy way.

But before you choose read below:

Here are the 2 Month Content you receive today once you join:



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Here are the memberships to choose from:

Monthly Basic Membership

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  • 200 Top-Quality PLR Articles Covering 10 Different Topics Every Month
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Year 2011 (12 Month Content)
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